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One way is to enclose by agreement.

The other still working on that.

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Q: What are the two ways to enclose a field?
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Why are parentheses used in sentences?

Parentheses are used in sentences in two different ways. They can enclose words or figures to clarify, or they can be used to enclose numbers or letters used for a list of items.

How many membranes enclose the contents of the chloroplast?

Two membranes enclose the contents of the chloroplast - the outer membrane and the inner membrane.

What will be value of flux if the surface does not enclose any charge?

If the surface does not enclose any charge, the electric flux through the surface will be zero. This is because electric flux is a measure of the total electric field passing through a surface, and if there are no charges within the surface, there will be no electric field passing through it.

What is sentence for ENCLOSE?

He will enclose you in this box.I always enclose my notes in an envelop.

How did in enslaved people resist slavery?

Disobedience and escaping were two ways of resisting slavery. Disobedience and escaping were two ways of resisting slavery fighting there masters not doing work in the house or on the field.

What is the prefix for enclose?

The prefix for "enclose" is "en-."

What are facts about electromagnetic fields?

An electromagnetic field is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. The field can be viewed as the combination of an electric field and a magnetic field. The electromagnetic field may be viewed in two distinct ways: a continuous structure or a discrete structure.

What cellular organelle would enclose engulfed food in an amoeba?

the enclose engulfed food would have to be of ribosomes they have two both female and male that why they join as one to be food but over this time this will turn to an disease ! killing people !

What are two homophones that mean surround and squeeze?

Enclose and inclose are two homophones that mean surround and squeeze.

What is the past tense of enclose?

The past tense of enclose is enclosed.

When to use enclose in a sentence?

Please enclose your tax-deductible donation in the self-stamped envelope provided. Soon the fog will enclose the entire coastline. Please enclose your payment with your tax return.

What are Two ways for increasing strength of an electric field?

Increasing the voltage or decreasing the distance between the charges will increase the strength of an electric field. Additionally, increasing the amount of charge that creates the field will also increase its strength.