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the pubishment of the King James Bible.

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Q: What became part of English government and culture during the Glorious Revolution?
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On what common principles did English political culture begin to converge in both the mother country and the colonies after the glorious revolution?

Hatred of the Irish

How did Political events like the Glorious Revolution influence American Colonial Politics?

The Glorious Revolution was the first time the colonies came together as a community of people with the same idea. This was very new to happen and influenced the political culture.

How has the British culture left it's mark on the world?

British culture has left its mark on the world through the English language, the Industrial Revolution, and its music.

Who owns English heritage?

English Heritage is a government body sponsored by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport in the UK.

The Cultural Revolution was a plan to?

the cultural revolution to revolutionize the chinese culture

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none, there is no prove of physical genocide in tibet. But there were some culture genocide during the culture revolution in the 60s and 70s, (culture genocide is the attempt to abolish old tibetan practices) however Tibetans are free to practice there religion after death of Mao and the end of culture revolution. However the culture revolution wasnt aimed at tibetan culture.

What was the goal of the culture revolution?

to decide your death.

What was adopted in the English in the 13 colonies?

The legal system, government structure, and English language were adopted in the English colonies in the 13 colonies. Additionally, religious practices carried over from England and influenced the culture in the colonies.

What is the English culture like now?

the English culture is more modern and less formal

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What role did british literature play in the colonization of India?

It helped promote the spread of English culture and values.The spread of English literature was encouraged by the colonial government to Anglicize India.The spread of English literature was encouraged by the colonial government to Anglicize India. -apex