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They wanted Prince Edgar to rule England as he was Harold Godwinson's cousin and had rights to the throne.

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William deals with saxon rebellions

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Q: What caused the people of the north to rebel 1066?
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What do the years 1066 and 1483 have common?


The Norman Conquest of England occurred in what year?


When were the Anglo-Saxons defeated at Hastings?

Cause they wanted to...

When did the Anglo-Saxons appear?

The Anglo-Saxon period begins in the fifth Century A.D., when the Angles, a Germanic tribe from what is now Denmark, came to Britain, which they re-named Engla-lond or "Land of the Angles." The Saxons began coming at about the same time. The period is generally considered to be over with the Norman Conquest of 1066. Our English language has two major dialects to this day, the Anglic dialect of the north, called Scots or Doric or Lallands depending on one's politics, and the Saxon dialect of the South, called Standard English.

Which battle did Harold hardraada win in 1066?

Note it is : Harald Hardrada (not) Harold HardraadaHarald Sigurdsson (1015 - September 25, 1066), was the king of Norway from 1047 until 1066. He was also claimed to be the King of Denmark until 1064 and was later given the epithet Hardrada.He is generally remembered for his invasion of England in 1066. He won his first battle, the Battle of Fulford, south of York, on 20 September. However he was then defeated and killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, outside the city of York, England, on 25 September 1066. Harald's death is often recorded as the end of the Viking era.At the Battle of Stamford Bridge, Harald Sigurdsson fought Harold Godwinson, King of England and it was this Harold who was defeated (and killed) at the Battle of Hastings by William the Conqueror on 14 October 1066.

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The warriors who invaded the north in 1066?

they were warriors that invaded the continent of Antarctica in 1066.

Who rebelled against King William from 1066 to 1072?

The English rebelled against him because they were angry with him. The people from the north especially, because of the harrying of the north.

Who invaded the north of England in 1066?

The vikings

Did people in 1066 have cars?


What meat did they eat in 1066?

in 1066 people ate horse meat that sounds nasty

What was the name of the invading army in 1066?

Normans in the south and vikings in the north

What are the similarities of 1066 and now?

lots of foods we have today are similar to the foods people ate in 1066.

What year did the famine begin?


When did people first settle in Bristol?

in 1066

What battle was Harold Godwinson forced to march north?

The battle of hastings in October, 1066

What did people wear in Britain before 1066?


Who was the 4 people who could of been king in 1066?