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anything really. you just have to know we are making history now. what we are doing this very moment will become history. changes can be made at any time. say if john howard quit. htat would be a change in history. anything, anywhere could be a change to history. who knows, maybe me answering this question could become a huge change in the soon to be history.

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Q: What causes the changes in history?
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What has brought the greatest changes in the economy over the course of human history?

productive technology

What were the seven major causes of World War 1 and give examples?

This is clearly homework. You need to open the history book.

The Elizabethan age was called the age of what?

The era called the Elizabethan Age was a time of many changes and developments. This is why it was also called the Golden Age in English history.

How far are ordinary people important in the history of a country?

ordinary people are very important in the history of a country.history means studying the chronological chain of past events that note changes according to time and circumstances .the change which is the most important part of studying history is impossible without ordinary or mediocre people . they are the basis of change and they are ultimately the basis of history. when we talk about second world war and the changes accompanied by it we remember hitler and other leaders but it can never be forgotten that no war takes place between hte leader it is the common people whose life are at stake and their presence is what counts the most no mater they be just a pawn

How did ibn khaldun improve the study and writing of history?

Ibn Khaldun set the standards for the scientific study of history. He urged writers not to use any sort of bias, for it could result in inaccuracy when writing history. Also, he stressed to thoroughly investigate sources before using them. Finally, he stated that the causes of historical events were economics and social structure.