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well, aside from being a part of China since the yuan dynasty (13th centry), Tibet is reconized as a city of China. Your question its basicly like what claim the US have for New York
China saw land and resource opportunity for themselves to take over Tibet. They knew that no one was going to stop them in invading Tibet.

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Q: What claim does China have for Tibet?
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Who imperialized Tibet?


Should Tibet be considered a part of China?

Should? Well the fact remains that Tibet has been apart of China since the Qin Dynasties which were hundreds or thousands of years ago. China's main goal in the 1980s was to modernize Tibet. Truth is that if Tibet was independent, they would still be living a 3rd world country and they would highly depend on donations to keep them afloat. China is pouring large sums of money into Tibet to make it reliant and if Tibet was to ever claim independance it wouldn't last very long...what would their people do for a living? Pray for food in the temples? WRONG! And the 15th Dali Lama enslaved and killed thousands of people and did worse that what China has ever done. The 15th Dali Lama told his men to kill anyone who wasnt a buhdist from what i heard.

The Plateau of Tibet the worlds largest plateau is located in?


Who did britain refused to help Tibet or china?

Britain took part in helping Tibet gain independence from Chinese rule before 1792. However, after 1792, Britain refused to assist Tibet.

Did China invade Asia?

yes they didANSWER 2china invaded Tibet and Tibet is still an occupied country subject to some severe and often brutal attempts at control - china is one of the last of the "old school" communist dictatorships but is trying to enter the modern world - but that "old school" mentality is concerned with saving face and such and solving the Tibet problem is probably one of public image - with the end of the cold war china really doesnt need Tibet as it once did (for border security) but its hard for them to back out due to the stubborness of its leaders also if not for the protection of the USA Taiwan would be invaded instantly by mainland china - and don't forget the Korean war - the Chinese had a big part in that and they almost wonchina has a long history of invasion, including the Philippines, okinawa, and japan - some of those invasions ended in disaster for china

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What claim did China use to justify invading Tibet in 1950?

that Tibet was legally a part of China

Is Tibet in china or is Tibet china?

According to China, Tibet is a part of China. According to Tibet, many of them would like to be an independent country.

What clain did china use to justify invading Tibet in 1950?

China invaded Tibet in order to try to gain control over it in 1950. The claim that they used to justify the invasion was that the governments of the two nations had been once central government at one time, meaning that Tibet was legally a part of China.

Which country in East Asia does mainland China still claim as an integral part of the Chinese nation?

they claim that a country named Tibet is theirs but that's just untrue and most of the people believe Tibet is chinas.

Why do people protest for tibetan freedom?

Because in 1950 China invaded the Kingdom of Tibet territories and has kept it ever since. Of course nothing is as black and white as this: China claim that Tibet has never been an independent kingdom.

What was the conflict between China and Tibet?

Conflict between China and Taiwan is Cross-Strait conflict.

What kind of government does Tibet have?

The country of Tibet has an autonomous government that reports to China. Tibet is thought to be a part of China but Tibetans say Tibet is an independent country.

How did the conflict between china and Tibet start?

Tibet and Okinawa used to be part of china

Who controls Tibet?

China, for now. But Tibetans are fighting everyday to free Tibet from China's invasion

What is the status of Tibet?

Tibet is an autonomous region of China.

Where on the map is Tibet?

Tibet is located in the East of China.

Which neighbouring country took over Tibet and when?

China is the neighboring country that took over Tibet in 1950. Tibet had previously, in 1913, declared itself independent from China.