What comes out of chimney?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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It depends on the fire, but if the fuel is largely organic matter and the amount of air is not restricted, the gas from the fire will be largely carbon dioxide and water vapor.

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Q: What comes out of chimney?
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Does Father Christmas come down the chimney or the door?

santa comes down the chimney

How does Santa get in your house?

He climbs on your roof and comes down your chimney.

Does santa touch his nose to get in your house?

No, he comes down the chimney!

Why chimney of a big mill is very tall?

so that the smoke which comes out of the chimney is kept away from choking in the nearby area. pd

Why do chimney sweeps like winter time?

because santa comes

Who comes down you chimney?

a thife that who, they called that thife santa clouse

How a chimney is similar to smoking?

In both . smoke comes out at one end!

What is the cloud of smoke that comes from a factory chimney?

very thick smoke

What does it mean when a crow comes down a chimney?

It means you have a crow in your house.

How does Sion Corn get to houses in Wales?

He comes down the chimney. Siôn Corn is the welsh name for Santa Claus. "Siôn" is the Welsh version of John and "Corn" comes from "corn simne" meaning "chimney stack".

When does Santa come to your house?

Santa comes down your chimney at exactly 12:00 (midnight).

Can we reuse energy out through the chimney?

if you mean reuse the energy that comes out of a chimney, then yes. carbon dioxide gases from industrial chimneys can be fed to algae which can in turn produce biodiesel fuel. wave of the future. additionally, you can hang your socks above the chimney to dry.