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Russia was ruled by both Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

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Q: What country had peter and Catherine the great?
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What country of residence did catherine the great live?

In Russia

What German princess married into the Russian royal family?

Catherine II (The Great), born Sophia Augusta Frederica of Anhalt-Zerbst, Germany, married Peter III, foppish and doltish grandson of Peter I (The Great). Peter III also had German blood on his fathers side, and was deposed by Catherine and assassinated, most likely by Catherine's supporters.

The tomb of Catherine the Great was horrendously ransacked by berserk nkvd men in l922 during the diaspora were the intact costumes and jewels ever restored and was she reburied eventually?

Catherine the Great was reburied after her tomb was ransacked in 1922. She is currently buried in St. Petersburg, Russia at the St. Peter and Paul fortress.

Who ruled after Catherine the Great?

When Catherine the Great died in 1796 her son was crowned Tsar Paul I.

How did Catherine the Great strenghthen Russia?

Elizabeth the daughter of Peter the Great brought Catherine to Russia from a minor principality in Germany. She also brought Fredrick of Prussia from Germany to marry Catherine. They were both in their teens when they arrived in Russia. Catherine took to becoming Russian from the start. She learned Russian, converted from the German Luthern church to Russian orthodox and changed her German name to Catherine. Fredrick on the other hand was more interested in wearing military uniforms and playing with toy soldiers. This would continue all of his life and when he became Czar he had whole armies to play with. The marriage between Catherine and Fredrick was not an intimate one and they were married 7 years before they spent the night together. By this time she was pregnant with a child from a lover, and had to make sure the child was accepted as part of the royal blood. She will have several lovers and more children in her life. At one point one of her lovers was a commander of the palace guard. They plotted to kill Fredrick and historical evidence points that assassination took place arranged by the lover. This is when Catherine became Czarina and took the title Catherine the Great.

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What country had rulers name Peter the Great and Catherine the Great?

Peter the Great and Catherine the Great were both Russian rulers.

Peter the great and Catherine the Great ruled what country?

Ruled Russia

Who was Catherine the Great's husband?

Catherine the Great's husband was Tsar Peter III.Catherine the Great's husband was Tsar Peter III.Peter III

What were strengths and weaknesses of Peter the Great?

I believe Peter was the Czar and Catherine was his wife. Catherine ruled the country better in my opinion.

Who was Peter the Great Tsar of Russia's successor?

Catherine I was Peter the Great's successor.

Who did Catherine the Great marry?

In 1745,Catherine the Great married then Grand Duke Peter Romanov. He became Tsar Peter III in 1762. He also became dead later in 1762, when Catherine, her lover and some friends had Peter murdered so she could become Empress.

Of which country was Catherine the great ruler?

Catherine the Great was Tsar of Russia.

Of which country was Catherine the great ruler of?

Catherine the Great was the ruler of Russia.

What did peter the great and Catherine the great have in common?

They tried to emulate some of the elements of the West while purposely neglecting others.

Who built the statue of Peter the Great and what does it symbolize?

Catherine the Great had it built. It symbolizes the greatness and glory of Russia and one of its most famous rulers (Peter the Great).

Who was the best Tsar of russia?

Peter the Great AND Catherine the Great (or II).

How did Catherine succeed where Peter the Great had failed?

Catherine the Great reigned from July 9, 1762 to November 17, 1976. Her predecessor was Peter III and her successor was Paul I.