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Sudan because it is closer to the equator

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Q: What country has the warmest climate year round?
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What country has the warmest weather climate year round Switzerland or Sudan?

Sudan is warmer because it is nearer the equator.

Why is Switzerland the warmest country year round?

It isn't. Warmer than where?

What country you hot all year around?

Countries near the equator are the warmest year-round.

Why is Africa the country that is warmest climate year round the Switzerland or Sudan?

It is closest to the equator, naturally a desert, and it is such a huge land mass that the middle has more heat and less moisture; unlike islands or small continents

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Where is it the warmest year round?

Death Valley

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Which has the warmest year round temperatures shanghai or Jakarta?


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What country has the warmer cimate year round Sudan or Switzerland?

Sudan is much nearer the Equator so naturally has a warmer climate year round.