What country is Cambridge in?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is one Cambridge in England, UK

and there is another Cambridge in the Boston area, USA.

Both are equally famous.

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Q: What country is Cambridge in?
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Is bedford in Cambridge?

Bedford is not in Cambridge, or even the country of Cambridgeshire. Bedford is the county town of Bedfordshire located around 40 miles west of Cambridge.

What country were the Cambridge spies working for?

The Soviet Union.

Which country did the Cambridge spies work for?


What is the country code and area code of Cambridge United Kingdom?

The country code and area code of Cambridge, United Kingdom is 44, (0)1223.

What is the oldest college in Cambridge?

There's no such thing - Cambridge is a university in England made up of many different colleges. Cambridge College is located in the United States. The main campus is in Cambridge, MA (between Harvard and MIT). There are other campus sites located throughout the country. Their website is:

What was the first commonwealth country visited by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after their wedding?

CanadaTthe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first Commonwealth Tour was to Canada, from 30th June to 10 July, 2011

Busiest McDonald's in Canada?

It is located in Cambridge, Ontario, along the country's busiest highway, the 401.

If there are only two states with the towns named Cambridge why do I live in Cambridge Iowa?

According to, there are 26 towns called Cambridge in 24 states:- Cambridge, Randolph County, Alabama Cambridge, Columbia County, Georgia Cambridge, Washington County, Idaho Cambridge, Bannock County, Idaho Cambridge, Henry County, Illinois Cambridge, Story County, Iowa Cambridge, Cowley County, Kansas Cambridge, Jefferson County, Kentucky Cambridge, Somerset County, Maine Cambridge, Dorchester County, Maryland Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Cambridge, Isanti County, Minnesota Cambridge, Saline County, Missouri Cambridge, Furnas County, Nebraska Cambridge, Burlington County, New Jersey Cambridge, Washington County, New York Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio Cambridge, Kiowa County, Oklahoma Cambridge, Chester County, Pennsylvania Cambridge, Greenwood County, South Carolina Cambridge, Spartanburg County, South Carolina Cambridge, Warren County, Tennessee Cambridge, Grayson County, Texas Cambridge, Lamoille County, Vermont Cambridge, Chesterfield County, Virginia Cambridge, Jefferson County, Wisconsin I'm not sure why you live in Cambridge, Iowa - is it nice?

What is Cambridge?

Cambridge is a city in England. Within that city is the University of Cambridge.

What is Cambridge famous for?

Depending on Which Cambridge, but the Cambridge in England is famous for its University

Where is the Cambridge Branch in Cambridge located?

The address of the Cambridge Branch is: 303 Gay Street, Cambridge, 21613 1812

Where is Cambridge located?

In Cambridge town 80 km north of London, UK. Cambridge University is located in Cambridge, England.