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Czechoslovakia, which was invaded by Germany with permission from Britain and France given at the Munich Conference.

You ask which country was a "victim" of Britain's and France's willingness to appease Hitler, but you are not understanding the basic facts. The Sudetenland wanted to be part of Germany because they were Germans and they were separated from Germany after World War 1. So they were glad to get reconnected to Germany.

Hitler used the issue of Sudetenland against Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia (including Sudetenland) were not part of Germany before WW1, but part of Austria-Hungary. When Austria-Hungary was broken-up as result of WW1, then Hitler decided to seize German-speaking Austria and then create a crisis w/ Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovakia was seen as the victim of appeasement. By loosing the Sudetenland, they lost valuable territory rich in lignite, coal. So there was a victim - Czechoslavakia.

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Q: What country was a victim of great Britain and France's policy of appeasement?
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