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They differ from other river valleys as they are very bland, such as one solid color. Others prefer to choose more vivid, such as shiny shells, or press down folds.

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This valley had protective walls around their homes. This allowed for more protection than what many of the other civilizations had at the time.

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They were neatly planned.

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Q: What describes how Indus Valley cities differed from other early civilization cities?
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Which best describes the Indus valley civilization?

The presence of well-planned cities accurately describes the Indus River Valley civilization. This civilization was established in about 2500 BC. they were a very practical cilvilazation

What are some cities in the indus river valley?

the cities of indus valley civilization are harappa , mohanjodaro

Which civilization had Harappa and mohenjo daro named cities?

The Indus Valley civilization had the ancient cities of Harappan and Mohenjo-Daro.

What best describes Harappan cities?

Oldest civilization in

What was the two important cities of the Indus valley civilization?

harappa and lothal

What is the capital of the Indus Valley now?

The Indus Valley civilization existed in what is now modern-day Pakistan. The capital cities of the ancient Indus Valley civilization were Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.

How did people of the indus valley civilization lay out the streets in their cities?

In right triangles

How were village farmers in the Mayan civilization similar to village farmers in early river valley civilization?

Farmers provided food and labor for the cities.

According to historians the indus valley people demonstrate what characteristics in their cities?

The Indus Valley Civilization demonstrates as a place where human settlements organized into cities, did invent a system of writing and supported an advanced culture.

Why is the early civilization of India called Harappan?

Because one of the first cities was called Harappa.

Why did the Indus River valley civilization and the cities of Harappa and Mohengo-Daro developed where they did?

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What evidence suggests in indus valley cities were run by a strong central government?

A sophisticated and technologically advanced urban culture is evidence of an organized government in The Indus Valley Civilization