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The first settlement in Australia was Sydney Town, which is now just known as Sydney. It was established at Port Jackson, with the arrival of the first eleven convict ships from England, known as the First Fleet.

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English explorer James Cook named the eastern coast "New South Wales", the name by which Britain first knew Australia. The Dutch had named the western half "New Holland".

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Q: What did Britain first call Australia?
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When did the first queen of Australia celebrate her first birthday as queen of Australia?

There is no queen of Australia. The Queen who you might call Australia's Queen is more of Britain's queen. So, I reckon it was spent in Britain, unnoticed.

Which country was the first to control Australia?

Great Britain first "controlled" Australia. Great Britain made the first official claim to the continent, and it also established the first permanent settlement.

What European nation first settled Australia?

The first organised selement of Australia by Europeans Came From Britain.

Which countries had electricity first?

Britain, USA, Australia.

When did the first fleet arrive in Australia from Britain carrying prisoners?

The First Fleet arrived in Australia on 26 January 1788.

What countries first settlers were convicts of Great Britain?


What is Australia's historical relationship to Britain?

Australia was one of Britain's colonies. The first white people to settle in Astralia were British convicts in 1788 or so.

Who did Australia fight with?

Usually the enemies of first Great Britain, then of the US.

The discoverer of Australia claimed it for?

First the Portuguese, then the Dutch, the Great Britain.

Who were the European settlers of Australia?

The very first European settlers in Australia (not including the Aborigines who were the first inhabitants) were a mix of convicts, officers and marines, and free settlers, all of whom came from Britain.

When Great Britain colonized Australia who were the first people sent?

The first people sent to colonise Australia were convicts and the officers and marines sent to supervise them.

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