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26 January was originally referred to as First Landing Day or Foundation Day.

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Q: What was the day we now call Australia Day originally called?
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What did people used to call Veterans Day?

It used to be called armisitce day until Eisenhower changed it to veteran's day

Veterans Day Call Originally?

Armistice Day

What is Labor Day called in Australia?

Labor Day in Australia is called Labour Day.

What is Labor Day in Australia?

Labor Day in Australia is called Labour Day.

Why do the Australians call it Australian day?

Australia Day is not referred to as 'Australian Day.' It falls on January 26 and marks the landing of the First Fleet, under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip, on Australian soil. It is always called "Australia Day".

Veterans Day was originally called?

Armistice Day .

What was veterans days really called?

Veteran's Day was originally called "Armistice Day".

What was rembrance day previously called and when did it change?

It was originally called armistice day

What was memorial day was called originally?

Decoration Day!

What was Veterans Day originally called in the US?

Armistice Day

What do you call a person who sits in-front of TV for all day?

In Australia they're called a couch potato.

What was the holiday originally called?

Armistice Day