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King Philip IV of France ruled during the 13th and 14th centuries. He felt he had the right to tax the clergy (church officials) in France. When Pope Boniface refused, King Philip sent troops to capture the Pope who later died of natural causes.

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Q: What did King Philip IV of France believe that Pope Boniface refused to do?
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Confirmation between pope boniface viii and King Philip iv of france whatvcause it?

The conflict between the two began when Boniface took a hand stand against taxation.

What were the conflicts between Pope Boniface VIII and the kings of France and England regarding?

Pope Boniface VIII did not want them to impose taxes on clerics, nor did he want French king Philip IV to try a French bishop in a royal court.

Discuss the struggle between Boniface VIII and Philip IV?

The struggles started in 1346 and ended with Boniface's death in 1348.

Why was Pope Boniface so impotent during the conflicts with Philip the Fair?

He had no standing army.

What was the major conflict between the king in the pope during the middle ages?

The struggle between Pope Boniface VIII and King Philip the Fair was centered around the taxation of the clergy in France. Pope Boniface in 1296 issued a papal bull stating that anyone including king, emperors, and princes that exacted a taxation form clergy would be excommunicated. King Philip denied monies that was to be sent to Rome from France to Rome in response to this. This led to the Pope allowing taxation but only for emergency situations.

When was Philip VI of France born?

Philip VI of France was born in 1293.

When was Philip V of France born?

Philip V of France was born in 1293.

When was Philip I of France born?

Philip I of France was born on 1052-05-23.

When did Philip I of France die?

Philip I of France died on 1108-07-29.

When did Philip III of France die?

Philip III of France died on 1285-10-05.

When was King Philip I of France born?

King Philip I of France was born on May 23, 1052.

When did Philip V of France die?

Philip V of France died on 1322-01-03.