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... under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah , it had gained such power that, for the first time, it demanded the establishment of a Muslim state (Pakistan), despite the opposition of the Indian National Congress

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Muslim League was formed to

  • support among the Muslims of India approach of devotion to the British Government and to eliminate any misapprehensions that may occur as to the aim of government with regard to any of its measures.
  • To defend and progress the political rights and work for the welfare of Muslims of India and reverentially to stand for their desires and aspirations to Government.
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Q: What did Muslim league demand in 1940?
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How did the swadeshi movement lead to the creation of the muslim league-?

The Swadeshi boycott movement was very successful. By December 1906, the founding of the Muslim League in Dacca was successful. By 1916, the Muslim League had anywhere between 500 and 800 members.

What was significant about Indian national congress and Muslim league?

They both fought for the independence. However Muslim League wanted a separate nation whereas Congress wanted India to be a single nation.

When did Quaid-e-Azam join All India Muslim League?

Jinnah served as leader of the All India Muslim League from 1913 until Pakistan's independence on August 14, 1947.

What was the purpose of the formation of Muslim league?

All India Muslim league was a political party that was established before the partition of India-Pakistan in 1947. Established in Dhaka, it soon became the voice of Muslims who wished to have a separate Muslim state for Muslims of British India. An idea which was later implemented by Quaid - e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The Muslims argued that they did not want the dictatorship of British to be changed by the rule of Hindus since India was predominately a Hindu country. The hard work of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who urged the Muslims to be united and support Muslim League. The first president of the All India Muslim league appointed was Sir Agha Khan III. The Two Nation Theory was envisioned and the message sent across the masses using the campaigns and rallies held by All India Muslim League. The call for Pakistan, the brain child of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal or more popularly known as Allama Iqbal was decided at one of the most famous resolutions of this Muslim league. 23rd March 1940, Lahore saw the campaign for Pakistan by the Muslim League at its heights with Muhammad Ali Jinnah explaining that Hindus and Muslims have different believes, ideas, histories, hero's epics and different social backgrounds. Therefore a Resolution was passed to give the Muslims of India a separate land to worship and stay as they like.

What were the achievements of quaid- e- azam?

The two main accomplishments of Quaid-e-Azam muhammad ali jinnah were that he was the founder of Pakistann and he started the All-India muslim league and fought for Muslim rights. He was an honourable man.

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When did Muslim League first make its demand for a separate Muslim nation of Pakistan?

lahore 1940

Demand for Pakistan was first made by Muslim league in?


What was the election symbol for all India Muslim league in 1940?


Where was the session of Muslim League held when the resolution?

All India Muslim League's General session was held from 22 to 24 March, 1940 in Iqbal Park in Lahore. On the second day of session i.e. 23rd March, Pakistan resolution was passed which put forth the demand of a separate state for Muslims of Sub-continent comprising of Muslim majority provinces and areas.

Which session of All India Muslim league was held in Lahore during march 1940?

The session of All India Muslim League held in Lahore during March 1940 is commonly referred to as the Lahore Resolution or the Pakistan Resolution. During this session, the Muslim League passed a resolution demanding the creation of an independent state for Muslims in the regions where they were in a majority in British India. This resolution eventually laid the foundation for the establishment of Pakistan.

How the Muslim League get success in general election of 1945-46?

The majority of Muslims voted for the candidates of Muslim League. Till then the demand for a separate Muslim Country in India had become a reality and the Muslims living in any part of India were in its favour.

1940- What were the major concerns of the Muslim League?

The Muslims didn't want to be included in an Indian Government that was dominated by Hindus.

What were the major concerns of the Muslim league?

The Muslim League was basically concerned to win rights for the Muslims of India. With the passage of time, events developed to this extent that the Muslims demanded a separate homeland for them where they may live according to the teachings of their own religion. Then from 1940 onwards Muslim League struggled for the creation of Pakistan. The above Expert Answer confuses the Organization for Islamic Cooperation with the Muslim League.

How do you use Muslim league in a sentence?

In baseball, there is no Muslim league.

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