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They both fought for the independence. However Muslim League wanted a separate nation whereas Congress wanted India to be a single nation.

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Q: What was significant about Indian national congress and Muslim league?
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Who was the first Muslim president of the Indian national congress?

Badruddin Tyabji was the first muslim president of Indian National Congress elected in its 1887 Madras session.

Indian national congress and muslim league?


When did Jinnah leave Indian National Congress?

Jinnah left the Indian National Congress in 1913 to join the All India Muslim League.

Who was the first Muslim to be elected President of Indian National Congress?

dr.zakir hussain

What was the venue of the 1916 Indian National Congress and Muslim League joint session?


When was Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress created?

Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress was created in 1977.

What was the struggle of Quaid-e-Azam in the making of Pakistan?

first he was working in indian national congress when he understand that hindus are trying to finish british from their country and then make muslims there servants so he leave indian national congress then joint all india muslim league and struggle and struggle for pakistan by hunaina ikram a muslim girl

Who among the following was the first Muslim president of the Indian national congress?

Bahr-ud-din tyabji .he was elected unaniousally in 1887 madras session

What was so significant about representative Keith Ellison?

he was the first Muslim to be elected to congress

What is the Hindu Indian national congress about?

The Indian National Congress was a movement started in 1885 by a Britain in India called A.O Hume, not be confused with the philosopher! This congress ranged from the moderate to the radical and after World War One was led by the likes of Gandhi and Nehru. The reason you might be confusing it with being called the 'hindu national congress' is simply because it was biased towards Hindus. Gandhi would not let Muslims join the congress.In contrast, the Muslim radical Jinnah set up the Muslim League to gain fair representation for the minority Muslims. This eventually led to the creation of Pakistan.

How did south asia change as a result of nationalism?

They began to resent British rule. They had created two groups to rid India of foreign rule called the Indian National Congress (Congress Party) and the Muslim League. Both groups worked towards the goal of national independence.

How did formation of congress party and muslim league contribute to national independence for india?

Formation of Congress Party and Muslim league contributed to national independence for India because the Congress Party championed the plight of desperately poor sharecroppers and landless farmers.