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Q: What did William Withering discover?
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What methods did william withering use to discover digitals?

he scked dik

What did William withering discover about circulation?

William Withering was the discoverer of digitalis which cures dropsy. Dropsy (nowadays called edema) is congestive heart failure. This means that the heart as a pump cannot deliver oxygen rich blood to the body and therefore stops circulation.

When did William Withering died?

The famous English physician William Withering is known to have lived from the 17th March 1741 until the 6th October 1799.

When was William withering born?

1741-1799 that's it!

When was William withering born and when did he die?


What did William Withering think of human circulation?

yh yg

What were William withering's theories?

he discovered digitalis which cures dropsey

What did William Prout discover?

he discover xray

What is the ISBN of Withering Tights?

The ISBN of Withering Tights is 978-0007156825.

Did William Herschel discover Astronomy?


When was Withering to Death. created?

Withering to Death. was created on 2005-03-09.

When was Withering Tights created?

Withering Tights was created on 2005-10-01.