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they stick their fore finger up at you

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it means what is your name

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Q: What did how do men call you mean in Tudor times?
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How were girls raised in Tudor times?

that they were inferiour to men.

What was happening in the world in the Tudor times?

Most people in Tudor times had a very limited view of their world. Travel was difficult and hazardous. Survival often meant working long hours every day to gather food or sufficient money to buy food. There was little reason for the average person to leave their own village. These people saw the world as being what they saw and experienced in their own village and perhaps in the villages around them. News from other parts of the country was limited. The "media", if it can be called that was limited to messengers tasked with delivering a message to one or many villages, or infrequent written messages. National events were rarely of importance until armies were required. Then the men of a village would be called upon to take up arms and serve their country. In most cases, the cause was not known and village life would be changed for the duration of a war until the men returned. Such events might be considered to be irrelevant to most of the population other than the call to arms.

What expected behavior of young men in Elizabethan times?


What is a common Tudor name?

Common names for females during the Tudor era were: Elizabeth Mary Katherine Anne Margaret Jane Occasionally/Rarely: Bridget Eleanor Bess Cecily Dorothy Frances (mostly used for men, but I've heard of a couple women named this) Isabella Allison Matilda Common names for males during the Tudor era were: Thomas George Henry William Francis Edward Robert John Edmund Charles Frances Thomas Louis George James Occasionally: Richard Arthur Humphrey Robert Peter

Where did mountain men live?

the mountain men where trappers and explorers

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How were girls raised in Tudor times?

that they were inferiour to men.

What jobs did men often do in the Tudor times?

In Tudor times, men often worked as farmers, blacksmiths, carpenters, tailors, brewers, and sailors. They could also be employed as soldiers, merchants, or servants in noble households. Some men pursued careers in the church as priests or monks, while others worked in the legal field as lawyers or judges.

What were the Tudor women taught from birth?

that they were inferior to men

Why was the Tudor rose called the Tudor rose?

The Tudor rose was called the Tudor rose because one of the men from the York family married a woman from the Lancaster family and put the roses together to make one

What did rich Tudor men wear on their heads?

a hat with a feather on

What did poor Tudor men wear on their feet?

weird things

What do women do 43 times a year while men only do it 7 times?

call their mothers

Where can one buy original Tudor watches?

One is able to buy original Tudor watches on the Tudor website (called Tudor Watch), or online at several other locations including: Amazon, Ask Men, and Chrono 24.

Were Tudor women equal to Tudor men?

No, because women were to obey men, women had to follow through exactly what the men told them to, if not they could be beaten, the Tudors were around before womens rights, so all women were treated poorly. They were expected to respect and obey men, always, no questions asked.

Who did the men receive a call from while standing on the moon?

I think you mean President Nixon as the answer.

What does dooshe bag mean?

It means you're a jerk. Usually women call men that.

What is the punk song on the new fifa 11 advert?

Tenpole Tudor - Swords of a 1000 Men