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John Ball was a priest who the peasants freed from Maidstone Prison. He went preaching to the peasants. It was good to have a priest on their side - priests were important. Unfortunately, after the revolt, John Ball was hung, drawn and quartered on June 15th, and his parts were sent to four different towns, to be put on display.

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John Ball was a peasant in the 14th century, and he led the peasant's revolt against the poll tax and the statute of labourers, along with Wat Tyler. In the end, he was Hanged, drawn and quartered.

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Q: What did john ball have to do about the peasant's Revolt?
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What happened to John Ball after the peasants revolt?

he got beheaded

What did John ball do?

John Ball is a famous priest wanted the people to be free and no unfair laws.he was sent to prison by the king for telling the peasants about the bad things the king was doing. this made the peasants revolt.

Who was the three leaders in the peasants revolt?

Wat Tyler, John Ball and Jack Straw

Who is involved in the peasants revolt of 1381?

Wat Tyler and John Ball were involved in the peasants revolt of 1381 .But the person who started was actually Wat TylerWat Tyler (pronounced = What Tiler)

What date did the peasants revolt and why?

the peasants revolt started on July 12th 1381.

Was the peasants revolt successful for the peasants?


What date did the peasants revolt happen?

The peasants revolt, Started on the 13th of the month July, Year 1381.

Why was there a peasants revolt in 1381?

Apart from thousands of rebels who were rounded up and executed after the revolt, the preaching priest John Ball was drawn and quartered, Wat Tyler was killed at Smithfield after an argument with the King's squire, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Treasurer were executed by the peasants... it goes on and on!

Results of the German Peasants Revolt 1524-1525?

The result of what is known as the German Peasants' War was a crushing of the revolt. Tens of thousands of peasants were killed.

What are the release dates for The Revolt of the Peasants - 1912?

The Revolt of the Peasants - 1912 was released on: USA: 22 November 1912

What was the list of peasants demands for the peasants revolt?

less taxes

How many peasants were in the peasants revolt?

Over 100,000.