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He wrote the book The Prince which effected many public views of political philosophy.

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Q: What did niccolo michiavelli do to make history?
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Who was Nicole michiavelli?

Niccolo Machiavelli was a political analyst who wrote "The Prince", a book that described how a leader could stay in power by being stoically unscrupulous and only using morality in ruling when it was convenient for the ruler to stay in power.

How did niccolo Machiavelli change history?

He change the politics & laws

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Renato Constantino, a Filipino historian, is commonly associated with the statement "Ang wakas ng nagpapatunay sa kadahilanan." This phrase emphasizes the idea that the outcome or result is what validates the reasons behind one's actions or decisions.

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It is Akhenathen AKA Aten.

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