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Parliament kept trying to get more and more power which led to Charles making wrong decisions. The Petition of Right was one of these occasions. Parliament even wanted control over Charles kids education!

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Q: What did parliament do to start the civil war in 1641?
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What was happening in England in 1641 which made the Irish leaders think the time was ripe for rebellion?

the English Civil War between the King (Charles I) and Parliament led by Oliver Cromwell

How did the first English Civil War start?

problems between parliament and Charles I

How long did the british civil war last?

The Englsih Civil war began in 1641 and ended September 3, 1651

In the English Civil War how did Charles power struggle with parliament help to start the English Civil War?

well Charles ! with Parliament because Charles did not give them enough power and so the civil war broke out on really what seems to be Parliament and Charles fighting over power!!!!!!!x

What of Parliament in the English Civil War were called What was the supporters of parliament in the English Civil War called?


During the English Civil War those who supported Parliament were called .?

Parliament supporters were called Roundheads or Parliamentarians. They were called this because the people rioting near Parliament in 1641 had very short hair; they had actually all agreed on having their hair cut above their ears. A+LS Roundheads

Who supported the parliament during the civil war?


What caused the conflict between the English monarchy and parliament?

Parliament demanded that its rights and powers be respected, but the monarchy stood for rule by divine right, causing a civil war to start between them.

What has the author Philip Stapleton written?

Philip Stapleton has written: 'Sir Phillip Stapleton his worthy speech in the House of Commons in Parliament, Ian. 15, 1641' -- subject(s): Great Britain Civil War, 1642-1649, History, Sources, Treason

How did the outcomes of the battles of the English Civil War affect the King and Parliament?

Parliament won the war, and the king lost his head.

Who was the English Civil War against?

A civil war is a war between factions in the samecountry.The English Civil war was a war between the royalists(supporters of the king) and parliamentarians(supporters of the parliament).

Which ststement best describes Charles I's relationship with Parliament?

His conflicts with parliament to civil war.