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Q: What did the Zhou rulers use to keep the regional lords loyal?
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How did Zhou justify their rule?

They used feudalism, which gave the king the right to own all the land and distribute it to loyal supporters, called lords. In exchange, lords sent soldiers to fight if the king was attacked.

What new idea of kingship did the Zhou rulers bring china?

Zhou rulers started an idea of royality.

Were there 2 rulers in the zhou dynasty?

king Wu was the first ruler

What has the author Liangxiao Zhou written?

Liangxiao Zhou has written: 'Huang di yu huang quan' -- subject(s): Kings and rulers, Monarchy

Rulers of the Zhou dynasty established the Mandate of Heaven to do what?

prove the legitimacy of dynastic rule

What has the author Yuanlian Zhou written?

Yuanlian Zhou has written: 'Qing she zheng wang Duo'ergun quan zhuan' -- subject(s): Kings and rulers, Biography, History

What are five similarities between the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou dynasty?

How was the Zhou dynasty diffrent from the Shang dynasty

What has the author Dajiang Zhou written?

Dajiang Zhou has written: 'Yong cai dang dao' -- subject(s): Kings and rulers, History 'Dang shi shang jian'

Why Chinese people accepted the Zhou rulers who took over from the Shang because they?

They believed in mandate from/for heaven.

How did feudalism in china fail to ful its original purpose?

Instead of maintain Zhou control it led to independent war lords

What did the mandate of heaven give to the zhou rulers?

idk thats y iam asking this people XD lol <3333333 O: :*

What has the author Kaishu Chen written?

Kaishu. Chen has written: 'Zhou Shizong' -- subject(s): Biography, Kings and rulers