What did the cossacks do?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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They provided volunteers for further expansion for Russia under Ivan the Great. They were eager to move to the new settlements because many of the pioneers chafed under detailed tsarist control.

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The Cossack of Ukraine declared Independence after social and religious from the Polish-Lithuanian Cossack states.

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The Cossacks are a feared and respected group of people living off the land. They were feared due to their unorthodox and impressive fighting skills

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Q: What did the cossacks do?
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What role did cossacks play in Russian expansion?

Living at the borders, historically they played a big role in expansion. But they fought against the Russian revolution with the white army, lost, were repressed and many had to immigrate.

How do you progress to the 18th century in cossacks?

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In what areas did Russia expand nd how was it accomplished?

After Mongol control was lost, Moscow gained territory from the borders of Polish-Lithuanian Kingdom to the Ural mountains. They also pushed southward toward the Caspian Sea, and when these lands were secured, they pushed into western Siberia. These lands were conquered by Russian peasants, or cossacks, settling in the new lands.

What were the pillars of autocracy?

If you are referring to the Russian Pillars of Autocracy then the pillars are:· Civil Service: tens of thousands of workers organised into ranks from government ministers to minor officials such as post office workers, customs inspectors. Collected taxes, made sure Tsars ordered were carried out throughout Russia, no power for decisions so had approval from St. Petersburg. Civil servants poorly paid, bribery and corruption common at all levels.· The Army: Used by Tsar to maintain power. In times of famine or severe discontent, riots, strikes and protests were dealt with by the army. Cossacks were loyal to the Tsar, ferocious soldiers used sabres to slaughter anyone rioting.· Okhrana (Secret Police):Spied on suspected opponents of the regime, even on the royal family, infiltrated revolutionary organisations, they censored books and newspapers, those arrested could face flogging, fines or exile to Siberia.· The Russian Orthodox Church: Taught people to be loyal to the Tsar and Autocracy, tsar was head of the church, peasants were god fearing, lower level priests, poorly paid and disliked as they demanded money from peasants.

Who succeded the KGB?

security is a basic need. The KGB was in-effect de-Communized to a degree- as was the case with the Nazi SS.- one remote ( cousin ) being Grenz Sondergarde neun- or Border special forces ( lit. guard)- unit nine) an elite anti-terrorism force.- the current unit was split up ( Katharine"s Good Boys) into a variety of police-security func tions but still has far more power than the American FBI and Secret Service- with with some overtones of the CIA plus Border patrols- uniformed and detective- COMBINED. also there are liasons with the Armed Forces. there used to be one KGB Intelligence officer with a round , traditional Russian hat, on every Red Fleet submarine. These blokes answered to KGB, not Naval Ministry. so the Federal security services- as with those in Washington, have re-grouped but are very much active. MVD - ministry of internal affairs is separate from KGB, retains its Soviet title- and is roughly equivalent to the FBI with some overtones of the RCMP_being national police types- yes they retain cavalry cops for special formations- Cossacks at arms!/ Whoa , comrade.

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