What did the girondists want?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They wanted a constitutional government.

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Q: What did the girondists want?
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How did the girondists differ from the mountain?

The Girondists and the Mountain were rival political factions during the French Revolution. The Girondists were moderate republicans who favored a decentralized government and represented the interests of the provinces, while the Mountain were radical Jacobins who advocated for a centralized government and more extreme measures to protect the revolution. The Girondists were eventually overthrown by the Mountain, leading to the Reign of Terror.

Are girondists liberal or Conservative?


What is the name of favoring extreme changes?


Why were the Girondists arrested?

The Girondists came into conflict with Montagnards, who were an extreme wing of the Jacobin Club during the French Revolution. This ultimately led to their arrest and execution.

Did revolutionary fervor began to cool after the death of Robespierre?

After the King's execution, the influence of Robespierre, Danton, & the pragmatic politicians increased at the expense of the Girondists. Girondists refused to have anything more to do with Danton & because of this the government became more divided.

Who were the Girondists?

French History. a member of a political party (1791-93) of moderate republicans whose leaders were deputies from the department of Gironde.

Which group in french revolution were forced to relinquish power?

The Girondists. They were forced to relinquish the power in favour of the Jacobins. They were also persecuted and most of them condemned to be guillotined.

What three groups made up the national convention?

Girondists Jacobins The third group consisted of delegates who had no definite views. straight from the history book

Which groups were forcing to relinquish power?


What has the author Bette Wyn Oliver written?

Bette Wyn Oliver has written: 'Orphans on the earth' -- subject(s): Girondists, Biography, Politics and government, Revolutionaries, History

What has the author Paul R Hanson written?

Paul R. Hanson has written: 'The A to Z of the French Revolution' 'The Jacobin Republic under fire' -- subject(s): Girondists, History, Montagnards

What was the two major parties of the french revolution?

The Girondists were a loosely knit political faction which generally favored some form of Republic. The Jacobin Club which had a peak membership of 420,000 was closely associated with Robepierre.