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they wanted supplies to live and food to last until the could grow there own

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Land/Money/power They Were unhappy that American Were making there own rules,they wanted the coloines to to what they were created for in the first place to gain Great Britan Money.

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Q: What did the loyalists want from Britain?
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Why was canada divided into two colonies?

After the war, many loyalists moved to Canada. But most did not want to live in a French culture.To avoid problems , Great Britain divided the land into two colonies, upper canada and lower canada.

Where did the loyalists start a new life?

During the American Revolutionary Period, particularly after 1783, loyalists from the fledgling United States of America often started new lives in either Great Britain itself or the British colonies that would later become the nation of Canada. It should be noted that not all loyalists chose to leave America, but those who did typically found refuge in areas that remained under the control of the 'mother-country' of Great Britain.

Why did the united empire loyalists come to Canada?

The loyalists were British subjects living in the future U.S. and did not agree with the creation of the new country. So they left, most of them settling in Canada which was still apart of the British Empire.

Why did the loyalists leave the colonies for Canada?

They loyalists were largely persecuted by the "Sons of Liberty" during the beginnings and during the Revolutionary War. Their allegiance to the Crown and British Government was targeted by rioters and assemblies of citizens protesting the Kings policies towards the colonies. After the war ended, the British Soldiers took as many loyalists as they could with them to Canada. If they would have stayed, some might have been executed for treason by the unruly crowds.

Who did the Loyalists fight for?

Loyalists fought for the British because they were loyal to the crown. The colonists who were rebelling were called Patriots.

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What did Loyalists and Patriots want?

The Loyalists wanted to be ruled by Great Britain and the Patriots wanted to be free from Great Britain.

What did the loyalists and patriots want?

The Loyalists wanted to be ruled by Great Britain and the Patriots wanted to be free from Great Britain.

Colonists who did not want independence from Great Britain?


What distinguished American patriots and American loyalists?

Loyalists wanted to stay loyal to Britain but the patriots didn't; they wanted independence. the patriots did not like it when Britain taxed them from thousands of miles away and when it passed laws that were unjust. loyalists did not want to fight Britain

Who were the people who was undecided about independence form Britain?

The Loyalists (Tories) did not want to separate.

What was the main reason loyalists did not want independence from Britain?

because they didn't care about independence -they were loyal to the king of Britain

Supported great Britain after the sining of the Declaration of Independence?

Those who remained loyal to Britain were known as loyalists, or United Empire Loyalists.

What did the patriots and loyalists?

The Loyalists wanted to be ruled by Great Britain and the Patriots wanted to be free from Great Britain.

Why did loyalists support Britain?

they were loyal to Britain.

Where the Britain's taking advantage of the loyalists?

No. The Loyalists decided to stay on the kings side.

What were Americans that remained loyal to Great Britain called?

They were called loyalists.

What were the colonists loyal to Britain?