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it inherited democracy, democracy originated in Greece.

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Q: What did the us system of government inherit from the greek system of government?
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Which feature of the US system of government is the most essential aspect of democracy?

freedom of choice

What does megasthenes tell us about early Mauryan Empire?

he was a early greek historian he tell us about pataliputra

How did France become a republic?

A republic is a government in which voters hold sovereign power. Elected representatives are elected by the people and the representatives are responsible to the voters who elected them. The Constitution of the United States created a form of government known as a republic. It also created the system known as federalism. The Founding Fathers established the House of Representatives as the only representative body in the original first government under the Constitution. With the passage of time, the entire legislative body and the executive became responsible to the voters who elected them. The national and state governments each has specific powers and functions while also sharing some of the same powers. The Constitution made the agreement and any laws passed under the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. Three separate branches were created, the legislative, executive, and judicial. Each branch had specific powers while also having the ability to check the powers of the other two branches. The national government was given the power to tax and to enforce its laws. It created a judicial system in which the Supreme Court of the United States would have the final say as to the constitutionality of laws. A system of checks and balances tied the three branches of government together under the Constitution and the legislature became a truly representative body representing the people. An important feature of the Constitution was that it could be amended to change with the times.

What is youth against conscription?

It was the youth that were being inducted (Drafted/Conscripted) into the military; they would form groups, slogans, and other forms of protest against the US Government (as the US Government was Conscripting them).

What special features of the country and if the proposed government will protect the US?

The police, Army and Firemen.

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What culture contributed to the US system of government Greek or Hebrew?

Greek. Many buildings in the US government are of the ancient Greek style.

Greek word for US Government?

Democracy (Demokratia)

How did Romans and Greek government influence the US?

With their senate

What was the Greek government that formed the basis of the US government?

A republic. That is people had elected representatives.

What system of government do the US have?

Federal republic is the system.

What system of government does the US currently have?

We have a federal system

Under the us system of government the citizens?

under the U.S system of government the citizens?

The US Constitution establishes a federal system of government Which statement best describes a federal system of government?

The US Constitution established the Federal system of government. The best way to describe the Federal system of government is that it is a shared power of government between the nation and the states.

What system of government was established?

When, and where is this government? If your talking about the US, Feudalism.

Which Greco- Roman traditions influenced the shaping of government in the US?


How is the us government influenced by the greek government?

First of all, we are a democracy, and that is based of Athens's Government type. Second of all it would be how our buildings are built. It is very Greek and Roman types of buildings.

What created a federal system of government in the US?

The constitution created the government.