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Q: What did thomas becket wear under his robe?
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Do baptist wear pants?

yes... they are normal people under their robe

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Robe is correct spelling?

'Robe' is correct for something you wear similar to a coat

What did viziers wear?

a long robe

What did a viziers wear?

a long robe

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Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.

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The women wear a robe and the men wear a cloth around their bottom.

What do knights wear except armor?

Some wear a garter hence Knights of the Garter (K.G.). Knights might also wear woolen under garments. When not wearing amour (modern day) on official functions, they wear a cap and robe.

Why KKK wear robe?

To keep their identity a secret

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What is the thing called that you wear after your bath?

A Bath Robe

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