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They wear jumpers

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Q: Why do cooks wear Blue checkered trousers?
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What color shirt should you wear wit black and blue checkered shorts?

you can wear a light blue or white shirt

Do German Girl Guides Girl Scouts wear trousers?

a light blue blouse with a dark blue scarf

Can you wear a light blue jacket with dark blue trousers?

yes colors are best the same complimentary or opposing as shown by color

Do all postmen wear in blue uniform?

Yeah i bet so. Except for their trousers and their underwear. LOL>!

What are Things you wear that begins with the letter b?

Braces, bracelet, baggy trousers, boots, blue socks, bowler hat, bob hat, blue suede shoes.

When did Levi Strauss invent trousers?

Levi Strauss didn't invent pants/trousers as such. That general group of leg wear had been around for centuries at least. Levi Strauss is generally considered the inventor of the type of pants/trousers known as (blue) jeans.

What are the trousers JLS wear called?

They wear jeans.

What can a women wear that has eight letter's and it finishes with an S?

Trousers and its not Trousers or Trainers

What is the name of the type of clothing that Scottish men traditionally wear instead of trousers?

The Scottish national sport teams wear dark blue with white.

Can girls wear trousers?


What did the Brazilian wear?

baggy trousers

Boy on a swing by oswald mtshali?

The part about long trousers is very contextual to Apartheid South Africa, so it can be very elusive to anyone outside of that experience. It helps to know that men wear long trousers - short trousers are for boys. Under apartheid, white men wear the long trousers and black men are restricted to short trousers (mostly figuratively, but in some cases literally). "When will I wear long trousers"? Also, labourers wear blue shirts. The world passes the oppressed labourer by who deeply contemplates the world that treats him like a boy who will never be a man. I'm not saying this interpretation is correct, but it's my best try for now.