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In the Tudor times poor peoples clothes was tatty and dirty as they had to were them all the time

Rich peoples clothes were dirty During the week but at the weekend there had there Sunday best on so looked smart

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Poor tudors wore brown ,yellow,baige and just not richer colours you could almost say they wore rags because they couldn't afford much.

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I think they wore rags and cut trousers which were covered with patches...

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They wore a tunic and short trousers whitch came down just above the knee

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Q: What did the poor Tudors children wear in the Tudor times?
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Who was the healthiest the rich Tudor or the poor Tudor?

obviously the rich tudors

Where can you get Tudor recipes?

recipes for the poor tudors

What was the poor Tudors hygiene like?

Poor Tudor hygiene was very bad.

Did poor children in Tudor times go to school?

No, poor children did not go to school during Tudor times. During this time period very children went to school or were educated.

Did the rich Tudors dress the same as the poor?

Rich tudors had silk and cotton robes, and poor tudors had, well, rags.

What was it like for a poor Tudor at Christmas?

it was sad for the poor tudors but they didn't care as long as they were with their families

What were the travel and transport in Tudor times?

they travelled in boats or in carriages but could not travel very far like theUSA they could travel aroundEngland though but that is really it and Europe

Why did the Tudors' reign end?

The Tudor dynasty in England ended for the simple reason that there were no direct Tudor heirs when the last Tudor monarch, Elizabeth I died childless in 1603. The throne then passed to James Stuart, who became James I of England.

Poor Tudor CHILDREN?

How did children entertain themselves in Tudor times? well they were lots of ways dancing, singing, plays, played instruments, went to plays.

Why did rich Tudors have nicer food than poor Tudors?

In Tudor times, food wasnt as readily available as it is today- for instance, sugar was very rare and was only eaten by the gentry and rich farmers. The food that was of any real taste wuality was usually very expensive, so expensive that poor tudors couldn't afford it.

What games did poor Tudor children play?


What did poor people enjoy doing in their pastime in Tudor times?

Poor Tudors didnt have much time for entertainment, but during their holidays and religious festivals they enjoyed singing, dancing, drinking and eating, as well as playing games and watching plays.