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I think they wore rags and cut trousers which were covered with patches...

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2011-10-28 08:43:06
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Q: What did the poor Tudors children wear in the Tudor times?
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What were the travel and transport in Tudor times?

The Tudors traveled by boat. But later on in Tudor times they invented pumpkin carriage.Also poor people in Tudor times traveled by foot.

Where can you get Tudor recipes?

recipes for the poor tudors

Who was the healthiest the rich Tudor or the poor Tudor?

obviously the rich tudors

What did poor Tudor children play?

Poor Tudors played football. Rich Tudors thought that football was to violent so they played tennis but poor children got a ball made out of pigs insides and played footbal.

What was the poor Tudors hygiene like?

Poor Tudor hygiene was very bad.

Did poor children in Tudor times go to school?

No, poor children did not go to school during Tudor times. During this time period very children went to school or were educated.

What toys did the poor children have in Tudor times?

skipping rops

Did the rich Tudors dress the same as the poor?

Rich tudors had silk and cotton robes, and poor tudors had, well, rags.

What was it like for a poor Tudor at Christmas?

it was sad for the poor tudors but they didn't care as long as they were with their families

Why did the Tudors' reign end?

The Tudor dynasty in England ended for the simple reason that there were no direct Tudor heirs when the last Tudor monarch, Elizabeth I died childless in 1603. The throne then passed to James Stuart, who became James I of England.

Did children go to school in Tudor times?

Rich people did but poor people didn't.

What do poor Tudor eat?

Poor Tudors ate little meat and if they did it would NOT be anything so exotic as rich Tudors. Thier main types of food were fish and bread.

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