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Q: What direction is Australia from Asia?
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Which direction is australia from asia?

Australia is south of Asia.

In what direction is Australia from the US?

on a regular atlas, Australia is southeast from the US

What direction would you travel from the center of Asia to the center of Australia?


In which direction is Asia from Australia?

South. Slightly South West but most definatly South.Southeast.

Where in the world is Indonesia in comparison to Canada?

Indonesia lies on the equatorial area in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is on the southernmost part of Asia. From Canada it is across the pacific ocean to the southwest direction. If u know where Australia is, Indonesia is on the north of Australia.

Going the most direct route, in what direction would you travel from the center of Asia to the center of Australia GET THIS RIGHT is itSouthwestSoutheastNorthwestNortheast?


Which continent is is northwest of Australia?


What is the continent that is north of Australia?

The continent north of Australia is Asia.

What country is the city of medina and the direction of it?

Medina is in Saudi Arabia, which is east of America and most of Europe and Africa, but west of Australia and most of Asia. Look at a map to see which direction it is from you.

Where is Australia located in relation to Asia?

Australia is south of eastern Asia

Continents which are in the eastern hemisphere?

australia, africa, asia, and europeEurope, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia

Which continents are at least partially in both eastern and the southern hemisphere?

Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica are.