What do people explore?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They explore homosexuality

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Q: What do people explore?
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Why did Prince Henry explore the oceans?

he didnt explore he sent people to explore for him.

Why did you explore?

People explore to learn or find new things.

How did people explore Mars?

In their Dreams

What are some challenges prince Henry faced?

He had no problems Because, He didn't Explore he sent People to do it for him.

Why do people explore new things?

Because the are old so you need to explore new thing.

Why would people of the past want to explore other lands?

Because they would explore more.

What would an archeologist most likely explore?

They would explore objects of people and places of the past.

Why do people explore the Antarctic?

Because it's there.

What do people explore space with?

Radio Waves! (:

What are the factors that lead people to explore?


Why did people explore North America?


Why was the Biltmore built?

to sleep in