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There are 11 points to the maple leaf, the symbol of Canada. Some think that the 11 points represent the 11 provinces and territories, but this is only speculation.

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Q: What do the points on the maple leaf stand for?
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How many points are on the leaf on the Canadian Flag?

According to The 11 points on the maple leaf emblem have no significance. Many people believe they stand for Canada's provinces, plus the federal government, but the emblem is just a recreation of an actual maple leaf.

What else does that maple leaf stand for?

You can find a maple leaf (as a symbol) on Canada's flag...

How many points does the real maple leaf have?

sugar maple

What do the colors of the maple leaf stand for?

red yellow

Is the Canadian flag the only flag with 11 points on it?

The Canada flag is the only flag with a maple leaf. Therefore, the flag is the only flag that has a maple leaf with 11 points on it.

How many points are there on the Canada flag?

There are 11 points on the maple leaf that is on the Canadian flag.

What does the red maple leaf stand for on the Canadian flag?

It stands for the many maple trees in Canada.

What type of maple leaf is used on Canada's flag?

The maple leaf on our flag is considered to be a stylized version of the red maple. It was designed by Jacques Saint-Cyr. A true red maple leaf actually has serrated edges and pointed sinuses (the parts between the points). It actually incorporates the style of a sugar maple with the smooth edges and rounded sinuses.

Who had the most points as a Toronto maple leaf ever?

mats sundin

What does the red maple represent on the Canadian flag?

The maple leaf on the Canadian flag represents the nature and environment of Canada. The maple leaf is actually a sugar maple leaf, which turns red in autumn/fall. The number of points on the leaf has no significance. The Canadians wanted to replace the British flag quickly when they became independent, so they came up with the (autumn) red maple leaf to represent the nature of Canada.

How many lobes does a maple leaf have?

3 points

What is red maples scientific name?

A true Red Maple (also called Swamp Maple) with three prominent points on the leaf, is "Acer rubrum".People sometimes confuse "Crimson King" (Acer platanoides Crimson King), a cultivar of Norway Maple. Crimson King has your usual Maple leaf, with five prominent points.