What was the great debate?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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The great debate was the debate between Canada and the British colony to change the flag. There was one thing that was in their way, and that was the British wanting to stay as one flag. A debate was held for 6 months until John.A.Mcdonald decided to pass the flag, of the maple leaf.


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Q: What was the great debate?
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John F. Kennedy ran for the office of the presidency against Richard M. Nixon, who was the vice president at the time under Republican president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Kennedy was widely seen as a higly charismatic individual who embraced new methods of politicking during his bid for the presidency. The Kennedy-Nixon debate was the first televised presidential debate. Kennedy did well in the debate, while Nixon began sweating giving his face the appearance of melting. After viewers of the debate were polled many who saw it felt Kennedy had won, while those who listened to the debate on radio felt Nixon had won. A modern day similarity would be the use of websites like Youtube and facebook in the last election. Kennedy was also a major supporter of civil rights, and a veteran of WWII. Prior to his bid for president he served as a congressman and a senator. Kennedy's election is not so much about what he did to get elected, but who he was, and what he later did for the American people.

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Confederation was achieved as a result of long discussion and debate. Ultimately it was compromise that created the Confederation. That confederation has lasted almost 250 years.

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