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People who are from the state of Delaware are referred to as Delawareans.

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Q: What do you call people who live in Delaware?
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the people that lived in Delaware were puritans (not true)

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Do people from Delaware have natural Southern accents?

It depends on where in Delaware, and what you consider a "Southern" accent. People who live in southern Delaware, particularly the western portion of Sussex County, have a definite twang and sound "Southern." People who live in northern Delaware often have a "Philly accent." Everyone else sounds pretty normal for the East Coast, although of course there are some terms specific to Delaware and certain words that we pronounce differently.

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the significance of the river is that many things can be used by the river by the people that live there.

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The Delaware Indians no longer live in Delaware. Some live in Canada, some live in Oklahoma, and some live in Shawno County, Wisconsin. If you are trying to prove your ancestory, you will need to prove a connection to a person on the Delaware tribal census.

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Yes, there are otters that live in the Delaware Bay.

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Joe does not live in Pennsylvania. Joe Biden and his wife Jill live in Greenville, Delaware, a small suburb or small town just outside of Wilmington, Delaware. hes from Pennsylvania but moved to Delaware, he is currently living in Delaware