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Q: What do you call the celebration of something that happened in an earlier year?
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what do you call a word that tells when or where something happened?


What was the hopi celebration?

there celebration call the corn dance

What do you call something that happened for no reason?

accident, chance, luck

What you call 100 year celebration?

A 100 year celebration is called a centennial celebration.

Your mind believes that something has happened which has not yet happened . What do you call that condition?

Sometimes I believe that my wife has left me for the milkman but it does not happen so I call it WISHFUL THINKING.RAJ KOTHARI.

What did the pilgrims call this celebration?


What Cold call means?

Visiting or calling someone to sell them something in which they have not expressed an interest, and there is no earlier business relationship with that person.

What do we call this celebration today?

the pilgrims and the wampanoag celebrated because they were thankful for the food (corn and animals) that the harvested and hunted. we call this celebration today THANKSGIVING

How do you call 50th years celebration?

silver anniversary

What was the call darry received from a surprise person?

he was scared a stabbed somone

What do you call the celebration which marks the 100th anniversary?

100 anniversary.

What do you call this celebration today?

hbuvifldshugiolfdsjutogfui;edwn hgivfdohjlkvfd bvfdhgvjfdewsbvfigpwe .