What does African decent mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Someone of African heritage. Their ancestors are originally from Africa. Having an African background.....

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Q: What does African decent mean?
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What culture Zendaya from?

She is from an african decent

What is Miles Austin's ethnicity?

There was an article that showed his parents, his father is African American and his mother is white.

What percent African decent is Obama?

Obama is 50% African. Obama's father was African; his mother had no known African ancestors.

What is the meaning of mulinyan?

A person of African American decent.

Do dread locks grow fast?

It varies with ethnicity. People of African decent tend to take longer to grow hair, whereas those of European decent grow much faster. Dreadlocks for African-decent people grow faster than their natural, unlocked hair. For those not of African decent, a little more than your average growth.

What ethnicity is Megan good?

megan good is african american , she isn't mixed with anything , but she might have some decent of something. example; african american with native american decent

What does jiggaboo mean?

This is a racially derogatory term for people of African decent. It is believed to have come from a Congo region word, tshikabo. Tshikabo means servile.

Which African country are the native people of Indonesian decent?

Zimbabwe and Madagascar

Is Chris Brown an Ethiopian decent?

No,He African American.

What race is sammi?

Sammy Sosa is of African decent but his nationality is Dominican Republic

Where in Central America do people of African decent most often live?


What does a decent guy mean?

Decent means to be free from indelicacy Decent means respectable, worthy, or in good taste.