What does Black history mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Black history is the history of African Americans like: Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr. ect. A remembrance of important people and events of history of the African Diaspora.

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Q: What does Black history mean?
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What makes paul robeson important to black history?

he is important to black history month because he is a out spoken person to are USA place that is why.

Why study Canadian black history?

It is important to study Canadian black history in order to understand the influences that have shaped Canadian culture today. It is important to understand the roots of the Canadian black population.

Why did black history month started?

We celebrate black history month because we are celebrating all of the great things black men and woman have done. Many years ago, black people were overlooked. They were not in History books when they did great things that white people did. It was truly unfair so Carter G. Woodson decided to make Black History Month a thing so that they could have equil rights. Carter G. Woodson changed Black History just like many others such as Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and many other great black human beings. Black History Month had given Black People the chance to finally be noticed and not overlooked. In the UK they celebrate Black History Month in October but in America they celebrate Black History Month in February. In October or February, people normally protest to stop racism once and for all. Black History Month wouldn't be the same if people didn't believe in them. We should always respect others, we should not care about looks but instead we should care about their personalities. George Floyd also made a big change in Black History when a shopkeeper said he payed 'fake money' but it was real money, George Floyd was just black and was treated wrong. Then an officer came and put his knee on his neck for no reason at all! If it was a white person on the other hand, they would of never gotten put down to the floor and had someone put their knee on their neck! This just shows how unfair people can be! This happened on May 25th. We must keep George Floyd and many others in our hearts and be greatful for all the amazing things that they have done for us. Rest In Peace George Floyd, Martin Luthor King Jr., Muhammad Ali and many many other great black people who changed History forever.

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When did black history began?

Do you mean Black history month (USA)?? It used to be Black history week, started back around 1976 I think. Black history month started late 80's early 90's.

Why is Bill Cosby featured in black history month?

because he is black" This answer shows that Bill Cosby is a Black person but, it does not mean he could have been in Black history month. Well I actually searched google before I answered the question and the answer was Yes. He was in Black History Month.Thanks for asking."

What a tattoo of a black dragon mean?

According to the Chinese zodiac, a black dragon would mean bad luck. Acorrdingly to Chinese history, a myth was sent that the color black WA unlyck and who ever touched it died.

Is it black history mouth?

Black history month is in February.

What can we benefit from Black History?


When was History in Black created?

History in Black was created in 2001.

When did black history?

It never did .Black history is still going on.

Who celebrates Black History MOnth?

black history is celebrated by the black people of the world

When was black history week made?

There is no Black History week Jackass. It's called Black History Month and it was made to be in February

Is Will Smith in black history month?

Is he black than yes anyone whos black is in black history month

When did black history end?

It never did .Black history is still going on.

What does the black history color purple mean?

The color purple in Black history can symbolize royalty, power, and courage. It is often associated with the resilience and strength of Black individuals and communities in overcoming historical and ongoing challenges. Additionally, purple may represent unity and solidarity within the Black community.