What does BC in history mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It means Before Christ. (Christ was born in the year 0). BC stands for Before Christ. So 1000BC is 1000 years Before Christ was born

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B.C means before common

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Q: What does BC in history mean?
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You mean PC for like history like 10000 PC?

That is BC and not PC

Who is the Greek father history?

Herodotus (484 BC - 425 BC)

What Greek philosopher invented the study of history?

Herodotus, Greek historian [ 484 BC- 425 BC ] considered Father of History.

What is a period in Egyptian history that lasted from 2700 bc to 2200 bc?

The Old Kindom

In history what do the letters BC stand for?

BC = Before Christ AD = Anno Domini

What invention changed history BC?


Is AD means After Death? history...BC mean before christ, CE means common era, AH means After Hijra...

What came first BC or CE?

If by BC you mean before the birth of Christ and by CE you mean Christian Era, then the Christian Era started with the birth of Christ - so BC came first. The link I will place below is an interesting read!

What happen in ancient roman history in 753 BC?

753 BC was the date of the foundation of the city of Rome.

Wht does bc stand for?

In history B.C stands for Before Christ.

When did ancient egyptians live?

Ancient Egypt is a period of time that started around 3150 BC. This period in Egyptian history reaches until around 332 BC. 332 BC is when the Classical Antiquity period of Egyptian history begins.

What did Cleopatra do from 51 BC to 30 BC?

She ruled Egypt! She began to rule when she was 18. It was the greatest rule in history!