What does culture do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Culturedoesn't necessarily do anything its what you do for a living and what you wear and what you eat and basically how you live your everyday life.

If you want to know what Egyptian culture than don't write this stuff write "what is the culture in Egypt" or what ever state/country/Continent you are searching.

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Q: What does culture do?
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What are characteristic of culture?

..culture is learned.. ..culture is transmitted orally and by writing.. ..culture is shared.. ..culture is patterned and integrated.. ..culture is adaptive and maladapive.. ..culture is compulsory.. and ..culture is essential for social life..

What culture is similar to the NACIREMA culture?

the nacirema culture is a culture that is a culture.(Ha WEIRD mee)

What are the characteristics of culture in social dimension?

In the social dimension, culture encompasses norms, values, beliefs, and customs shared by a group of people. It shapes interactions, relationships, and social behaviors within that group. Cultural practices such as language, rituals, roles, and traditions play a significant role in defining social identities and fostering cohesion within the community.

What is Islamic culture?

Islam have no culture, it's free from culture. Men have brought culture into Islam and not God.

What does faith have to do with culture?

Culture needs faith. If there is no faith there is no culture. No faith also a culture. This culture also needs faith.

What are the different types of culture religion?

culture trait, culture region, culture diffusion

What are different types of culture?

Culture refers to all the values and knowledge that is shared by a given society. The different types of culture include the Western culture, the African culture, the Asian Culture and the Indian culture.

What is Colombia culture?

Colombia culture is the culture of Colombia.

What is culture capital?

capital culture is the culture in the capital

What is different about calendars from culture to culture?

The reason why calenders are different from culture to culture is because each culture has different ways in thinking

What is the culture of the Navajo?

Navajo culture, just like Germans have German culture and people in Japan have Japanese culture.

What is India's culture?

the great culture left by europeans and corruption culture and the great dowry culture