What does despatched mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sent from the deposit to the billing address

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you suck it, or lick it.

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Q: What does despatched mean?
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What does despatched mean when they say it in clothing stores?

its on it way

What is the Meaning of despatched?


How do you spell dispatched or is it despatched?

The correct spelling is dispatched.

Is road permit required for Hyderabad towards materials despatched from Raipur?

e-way bill required

Sentence for errant?

All of the sheep except one stayed together, and the sheepdog was despatched to retrieve the one errant sheep.

Why won't the United Kingdom amazon website ship products to the US?

Because america has its own Amazon distribution centre. Goods ordered by americans are despatched from their own warehouses.

Who were Heinrich Himmlers allies?

When one is in power as was Himmler, one does not have any allies but ones self. There is always the fear that you will have outlived your usefulness and so be despatched as so many others have been in the Nazy party. To have eyes in the back of your head is a useful attribute.

Who does lab tests?

they test on anything really like drugs/medication A Pathologist is incharge of the laboratory. The supervisor, who is a technologist will be incharge of the section and the technicians(bench workers). following the registration, specimen is collected by the technician and despatched to the specific section for the lab testing.

Has anyone purchased from Parsa fine leatherwear and had it despatched by Parsa you have the no but no answer - can anyone help?

09-2011 We are still awaiting the arrival of a leather jacket we purchased in Florence at Parsa. So far no sight of it. I shall be calling the tour company and/or will call Italy direct.

How many sailors were in the First Fleet?

Sources vary, but there were approximately 191 soldiers, known as marines, despatched to guard the convicts on the First Fleet to Australia.

Is there a difference in meaning of the words 'Des-patched' and 'Dispatched'?

Yes. "Despatch" means quickly, and is also a noun for a message which needs to be delivered quickly. "Despatched" means sent by a quick messenger. On the other hand, "dispatch" means "make an end of", often in the sense of "kill". "Dispatched" means killed or otherwise done away with. E.g. The King of France despatched his declaration of war by Sir William Lucy; unfortunately when the King of England received it, he had Sir William dispatched.

Source documents in accounting?

source documents are those documents in which all kinds of business transactions are recorded.these include invoice,sales order,purchase order,debit note,credit note,goods received note,goods despatched note,quotation,statement,remittance advice and receipt.