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He claims that it is "Our True lady's veil."

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Q: What does the Pardoner claim about the pillow-case he carries?
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Who is in the coffin on the pardoner?

The Pardoner in Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales" carries with him a pillowcase that he claims contains relics of saints, but in truth holds nothing but scrap paper and stones. The bones on the pillowcase are not specified to belong to any particular individual.

What soes the Pardoner claim about his filled bottle with pig bones?

The Pardoner is a character in the Prologue of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales". The jar of pig bones is a relic designated by the church.

What is a soft bag for keeping a pillow clean?

a pillowcase

When was The Pillowcase EP created?

The Pillowcase EP was created on 2006-08-22.

What do you get when you fill a pillowcase with stones?

When you fill a pillowcase with stones you get a pillowcase filled with stones. Depending on the logic behind such an activity, some may even perceive it as a weapon.

Why does the pardoner from the pardoners tale falsely claim his relics have healing powers?

The Pardoner falsely claims his relics have healing powers in order to manipulate people into giving him money. He uses deception and manipulation as a way to profit off the gullibility of others. This serves to highlight the Pardoner's greed and hypocrisy in the story.

What does the pardoner's tales suggest about the pardoner?

In the Canterbury Tales, the story the Pardoner suggests that the reason that the Pardoner is so forthcoming with information because he has been drinking.

Did the pardoner claim to have the Virgin Mary's veil and a piece of sail from Saint Peter's boat?

Yes, in "The Pardoner's Tale" by Geoffrey Chaucer, the Pardoner claimed to have relics such as the Virgin Mary's veil and a piece of sail from Saint Peter's boat in order to deceive people and make money through their gullibility. This allowed him to profit from the superstitions and naivety of the people he encountered.

What does the Pardoner do after his tale?

The Pardoner tries to sell relics and pardons.

In the prologue to the pardoner tale how does the pardoner begin?

The pardoner begins by describing his work, which is basically to cheat people by playing on their guilt.

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Did a pardoner from the middle ages have to train to become a pardoner?