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The Chinese Backbone Pump was used for collecting water out of wells and freshwater deposits. It saved time and convenience by needing only one person to operate it and not having to keep running back and forth scooping water.

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Q: What does the dragon backbone pump do?
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When was the dragon back bone pump invented?

The dragon backbone pump was invented during the Song dynasty.

What is the dragon backbone pump?

The dragon backbone pump was a pump used and invente during the Song dynasty that was used to pump water out of water deposits. It allowed one farmer to do the work of several.

Who invented the Chinese dragon backbone pump?

Jodi Im

When was the dragon backbone pump invented?

During The Song Dynasty In Ancient China:)

Was dragon backbone pump a portable device used for scooping up water that heled the Chinese improve their farming?


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When was the dragon bone pump invented?

It was invented during the Song Dynasty, but the actual year it was invented is unknown.

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