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Some kind of appointment to office made by King George before he died.

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Q: What does the term by appointment of the late king george v mean?
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What does peasents revolt mean?

It means the people are angry with the king.

Who built buckinham palace?

The original Buckingham House was built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1702/1703. The architect is not known. In 1761 it was acquired by King George III who had it redesigned by Sir William Chambers. From 1820 to 1826 King George IV the house was extended and became a palace, following the design of the famous architect John Nash.

What does vassel mean?

A Vassel is a lesser lord in medieval times. they lived on land owned by the king. In return they worked for the king.

What is the mean of the name chakib?

It means Patient and it comes from the Ottoman Empire after the name of the Fisrt Ottoman King -

What does cry God for Harry England and St George mean?

It is from Shakespear's play ' King Henry (V) '[ the fifth]. It is an inspirational statement to all Englishmen who fought with him (King Henry ) at the Battle of Agincourt. Even today it is still an inspirational acclamation. To 'Cry God for Harry, England and St. George. To 'Cry' does not mean 'boo' hoo' , but a shout of acclamation; a cheer. 'God' is the Christian God. People were much more religious , when this battle was fought, and it means that that God is on the Englishman's side, and will protect Englishmen. 'Harry' is a nickname for the name 'Henry' ( King Henry (V)). It is still used today , as Prince Harry ( he is formally Prince Henry). 'England' that nation they are all from and wish to fight for, and protect. 'St. George' is the patron saint of England, he slew the dragon. His flag is a white flag, with a red perpendicular cross and still refers to as the flag of England. He is like a national mascot. Be you an Englishman or not, hope that helps with your understanding!!!!!

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no he was mean

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King George es decir

Where did King George live in England?

Depends on which King George you mean. There have been six of them.

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Who was the king when the constitution was signed?

I assume you mean king of Great Britain, that was George III.

Was King George V to Queen Victoria?

If you mean, "related to", then yes.

How old was king geroge 111 when he died?

If you mean King George III then he died aged 81.

What does King George III succeded his grandfather mean?

George II's oldest son Frederick died before him, so Frederick oldest son became King George III immediately after his grandfather.