What eats sturgeon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Practically Nothing. Sometimes Bears and Man.

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Q: What eats sturgeon?
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What eats a sturgeon?

We do. The number one consumer of sturgeon are humans. Sea Lions and Lampreys also. Bass are known to eat baby sturgeon and many fish eat their eggs like Sculpin.

What eats the Atlantic Sturgeon?

mollusks, small fish, crustaceans, and insect larva.

What eats lake sturgeon?

big fish and seagulls eat those big fish

What eats fish eggs?

sea nettle trust me i know i did a big project on it and got100

Is a sturgeon a bird?

A sturgeon is a fish.

What invention did Sturgeon become famous for?

Just google sturgeon + inventor and you will get William Sturgeon.

Do sturgeon live in the ocean?

No. Sturgeon is a freshwater fish. Sturgeon is also one of the longest living fish, as some sturgeon live to be 100 or older.

Are sturgeon legal to catch in South Dakota?

No, the Sturgeon season is permanently closed in South Dakota becasue the sturgeon (Pallid Sturgeon) is on the endangered species list.

Where would a sturgeon be located?

Sturgeon Falls Ontario.

How many sturgeon are in the world?

Sturgeon population in the world

What is the scientific name for a sturgeon?

The scientific name for sturgeon is Acipenser. There are various species of sturgeon, and each has a specific scientific name associated with it.

When was Shawn Sturgeon born?

Shawn Sturgeon was born in 1965.