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SAE; i.e. Self Addressed Envelope (for them to respond; best if you include the postage also)

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Q: What enclosure is sent with a manuscript?
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What is the difference between an enclosure and an appendix?

An enclosure is a document included with the same package, such as a resume sent with a cover letter. An appendix is a section or table that is added at the end of a document or book to supplement the main text.

What is the definition of corresponding author?

The Corresponding Author is the person who is responsible for the manuscript as it moves through the journal's submission process. This person must be registered with Editorial Manager, as all correspondence pertaining to the manuscript will be sent to him or her via the system. The Corresponding Author is, by default, the author who initially uploads the manuscript into Editorial Manager.

Is manuscript a verb or noun?

Manuscript is a noun, because a manuscript is someTHING. Manuscript is not an action, therefore it can't be a verb.

A written or printed manuscript?


What does enclosure tell you when you see it in a memo?

Originally, prior to the internet, memos were sent on actual paper, and if there was an enclosure, that means that the memo and some other document would both be enclosed in the same envelope. Now it is possible to send an attachment with an email, and call it an enclosure if you want to, although nothing is enclosed in the original sense of the word.

What is a sentence for manuscript?

The manuscript had to be completed by Friday

Abbreviation for manuscript?

The abbreviation for 'manuscript' is M.S.

What does unsolicited manuscript mean?

Unsolicited manuscripts are manuscripts sent to a publisher although material or topic was never requested or expressed interest from a writer or the public.

What is the word for a manuscript entirely written in the authors own hand?

It is called an autograph.

Can you use the word 'manuscript' as collective noun?

Yes, any noun suitable for the situation may function as a collective noun; for example:a manuscript of errorsa manuscript of memoriesa manuscript of anecdotesa manuscript of mesdeeds

When was The Godwulf Manuscript created?

The ISBN of The Godwulf Manuscript is 0-395-18011-2.

What is the difference between enclosure and attachment?

An enclosure is a stand-alone document sent with a cover letter. An attachment is a supporting document for a letter that is (usually) incorporated into the letter by reference; for example, a budget or an explanatory figure. The except is an email, in which case you can only "attach" a document.