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The Mongolian invasion

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Q: What ended the lay investiture controversy?
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The Concordat of Worms ended the practice of?

lay investiture

What agreement ended power struggles between holy roman emperors and popes over lay investiture?

Concordat of Worms

The controversy between thepop?

The Investiture Controversy or Investiture Contest was the most significant conflict between Church and state in medieval Europe. In the 11th and 12th centuries, a series of popes challenged the authority of European monarchies.

Who was most opposed to lay investiture?

The pope

Appointment of bishops by anyone who is not a member of the clergy?

Lay investiture

Who fought over the issue of lay investiture?

ings or bishops

Lay investiture solved by what in 1122 AD?

The Concordat of Worms.

What did Pope Gregory VII accomplish?

He is most famous for the role he played in the Investiture Controversy with Henry IV.

Was most opposed to lay investiture?

Question 5: Correct Answer- The Pope

Why did lay investiture cause a struggle between kings and pope?

Lay Investiture is too broad a topic to cover in a quick answer site like WikiAnswers, below are links to articles about it in WikiPedia and the Catholic Encyclopedia.

What does lay mean in lay investiture?

king wants to put his friends in big offices but bishops choose. the lay is the secular part

What was the investiture struggle or controversy?

It was a confrontation between the Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy. Please see the link below.