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I think Civil War

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Q: What factor do you think had the most impact on the outcome of the Revolution?
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Why sir Robert Walpole was such a significant individual in England?

I think it was because he was the first reconized prime minister

Did the french revolution have the greatest impact on world history?

It is probably impossible to argue what had the greatest impact on world history, it did of course have a massive impact and we still see its legacy now, but there are other things that have had an impact that is still with us (from the Roman Empire through to the Cold War). I think this probably counts as either a question that cannot be answered, or one that should be answered simply as "No".

Did the french revolution begin in Versailles?

I think that the french revolution begin in Paris and which started with the storm of Bastille.

What impact did Karl Marx had with the Russian revolution?

We must be clear that when speaking of the Russian revolution, there are two possibilities. One was the women's day revolution leading into the Kerensky provisional government, or the one that soon followed: the so-called "October Revolution". Usually, when referring to the Russian Revolution, the Lenin-lead October Revolution is implied. Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto which described the Marxist communist political ideology. This ideology was the one that revolutionaries Lenin and Trotsky wanted to implement in the Russian society with the Russian revolution. Marxism was however not fully adopted. Lenin made alterations to the ideology and created Leninist Marxist Communism, usually reffered to only as Leninism. Leninism stipulates that the armed revolution Marx predicted would not be successful unless guided by a revolutionary elite. Marx had stated that the revolution would simply erupt as a natural response to evils inherent in class-based societies, and did not seem to think that Lenin's guidance was needed. However, Marx's impact on the Russian revolution was purely in ideology. Marx took no active part in the revolution, as he was dead at the time of it (1917)

What do you think is the greatest legacy of the french revolution and why?

equality,liberty and fraternity.

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What is impact factor of international journal of computer science and information technology?

don't think it has an impact factor

Which effect of the communist revolution in china do you think had the most permanent impact?

The cultural revolution

What was the outcome of the Cuban revolution?

the dude they were fighting against lost.... i think.......... one question wats the cuban revolution??

What are the six factors to why the Industrial Revolution began?

i think its the rax material something liek that i know its material cuz its factor XD

What effect did the Russian Revolution have on the US getting into World War 1?

I think that the US had already determined to enter the war by the time the Russian Revolution began, so there was little impact. If Russia had withdrawn from the war and the US had NOT entered it, then the outcome might have been different. What many do not know is that the US sent troops to Russia to fight the Bolsheviks. The Americans were sent to Archangel, in northwest region. The British sent troops farther to the east.So, a related question would be: "What impact did USA and Britain have on the Russian Revolution?" For more history on the American expedition to Russia, see: Custermen

Which factor or factors do you think have the most powerful impact on language aquisition?

Their are three factors that have had a impact on language aqusition 1) Inherent language acquisiton device 2)Hereditary influences and 3) enviromental influences

How did Russian rulers impact the people of Russia?

The revolution had a huge impact on Russia. It overthrew the century old system of tsars and instilled a Communist government ruled by dictators. Even today, Russia's government has not recovered from the effects of the Russian Revolution.

What impact did the battle of long island have on the American revolution?

On the Continental army the patriots lost many men but gave them some time to think about their next move on the British,

Why sir Robert Walpole was such a significant individual in England?

I think it was because he was the first reconized prime minister

Do you think that the differences in troop strength were responsible for the war's outcome?

Yes, it was the winning factor. When Grant became General-in-Chief, he ended the system of prisoner-exchange, knowing that the Confederates would run out of men first.

What effect do you think loyalists had on the outcome of the war?


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well i think it is a evaluation