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I think it was because he was the first reconized prime minister

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Discuss the restoration and the glorious revolution and the impact each of these events have in England?

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Q: Why sir Robert Walpole was such a significant individual in England?
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Who was the prime minister of england who said let sleeping dogs lie?

Robert Walpole

When did Robert Walpole - cricketer - die?

Robert Walpole - cricketer - died in 1834.

When did Robert Walpole die?

Robert Walpole died on 1745-03-18.

What year did Robert Walpole resign?

Sir Robert Walpole resigned in 1742.

When was Robert Walpole - cricketer - born?

Robert Walpole - cricketer - was born in 1768.

When was Robert Walpole born?

Robert Walpole was born on August 26, 1676.

What is Robert Walpole's birthday?

Robert Walpole was born on August 26, 1676.

What did Sir Robert Walpole do for England?

helped maintain the wealth of the country by removing taxes on foreign exports.

How many Prime Ministers have been in England?

About 70 since Robert Walpole in 1721 who was considered to be the first.

Who was the first official prime minister of the united kingdom?

For all practical purposes, Robert Walpole was the first prime minister of England. When Parliament elected King George I, the king, parliament elected Robert Walpole, Prime Minister. King George stayed in Europe. He let Walpole run England. Since England does not have a written constitution as does the United States, there is no particular point where England said, "We now have a modern prime minister."

When was Sir Robert Walpole born?

Sir Robert Walpole was born on August 26, 1676.

What is Sir Robert Walpole's birthday?

Sir Robert Walpole was born on August 26, 1676.