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The colonies in the Americas were all about sugar and tobacco (and cotton, but you can't smoke or drink that.).

India of course was primarily famous for its tea (amongst other things).

Presumably Africa and Australia were colonised as broad swathes of land on which to raise cattle for milk.

Or for a more serious answer: What motivates anything? Money.

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because they used to be different countries themselves and are so many countries within it they need a big government and a good system to keep it going.

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Q: What factor led the british to build a large empire?
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Give a brief description of the british empire?

The British Empire was a group of colonies which had sworn their services and troops to their mother country - Britiain. If there was a war, all of the colonies were automatically entered; just like the Australians were in WW1.but the English is way stronger and will kill the australiansnAt its time around 1920, the British empire was the largest ever known, reputed to cover a quarter of the world's land area, and a fifth of its population.Britain made sure its benefits accrued to her exclusively, by a series of Navigation Acts passed in the mid-17th cent.

Who called their large empire the four quarters of the world?


Does the British empire still exist?

In the most modern sense, yes, Britain still retains 14 separate territories outside the United Kingdom. And there is also the separate entity of the Commonwealth of Nations, which, although, is not political per say the nations in it still recognize Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of the Commonwealth, and in many cases she is still their monarch and head of state. In that extent the empire survives.However, oddly enough the nation that has something closest to a colonial empire is The United States of America, who has sovereignty over Puerto Rico (and does not afford them a vote in US Presidential elections, which is much the same relationship as England had with America before the American Revolution). America also owns, American Virgin Islands, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands as well as countless other island chains, and lastly the territories not connected to the main 50 states: Hawaii and Alaska.Another Answer:Yes and no. The British Empire reached its peak in 1922, ruling over 1/6th of people living and owning almost 1/4 of the world's land. There is not a date when the Empire ended, so I have provided a timeline of the fall of the Empire for you so you can make your own decision, as even historians argue about when the Empire ended.There are 5 large points in the downfall of the Empire that you can look at to see when and if the Empire ended.1947-1948: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Burma, Ireland, and Palestine leave the Empire. Soon after the term "Empire" became obsolete, with the more politically correct term "commonwealth" taking its place.1957-1966: All of the UK's holdings in Africa (with the exception of Zimbabwe), the Middle East, South America and most of the territories in the Caribbean become independent. Within 9 years the Empire had been almost totally dissolved.1980/81: Belize and Zimbabwe become independent, the few remaining colonies are renamed "British Dependent Territories".1982: The British strength is put to the test again, when Argentina attempts to invade the Falkland Islands.1997: The last large British territory, Hong Kong, is ceded to China.In closing, whether or not the Empire still exists is highly debated. Fourteen British Overseas territories exist (Gibraltar, Akriotori & Dhekelia, British Indian Ocean Territory, Saint Helena & the Ascension Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, British Antarctic Territory, Falkland Islands, Pitcarin, the Turks & Caicos, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Montserrat and Anguilla), with only 667,000 square miles of land and only 260,000 citizens. Of these territories, three are claimed by other countries as well. Some relics of the British Empire live on as well (one of the highest medals and decorations awarded by the Queen is The Order of the British Empire), even though the term "empire" hasn't regularly been used by the British for over fifty years.

Why did the british empire grow?

The British Empire began as an attempt by the British Army to protect its colonies and trading centers and because the conquered peoples preferred British law to that of their former rulers. It captured New York from the Dutch. The Dutch in New York preferred living under English law and fought against any plans to return New York to the Netherlands. In the French and Indian War, England conquered Canada. French Canadians preferred English law over French Law and became loyal citizens. The situation changed in India. There, the British army fought on the side of a winning king. When the king died, the British Army remained. The people preferred British stable government over the constant warfare they had been experiencing. In some places like Jamaica and the Caribbean islands, the British simply moved in and the Spanish left deciding the places were not worth fighting over. If a place did not have mines or military value, the Spanish saw little value in keeping it. In Africa, the British would help one tribe fight another and then rule both. The British Empire began gradually. It gradually expanded. Then it collapsed.

Which anicent civilization called their large empire the Four Quarters of the world?

The Incas.

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What enabled the British to build a large empire?

the british empire was built over a long course of time,when the british wealthy enough they sent out men like James cook to concor lands like Australia and America,so in summary many explorers, rich back grounds and violence enabled the british to get a large empire.

What did Cyrus the build?

he built a large empire

What did the British Empire get out of Caribbean Islands being part of the British Empire?

large profits from the slave trade

What did Cyrus the great build?

he built a large empire

What term describes japan ambition that led to its participation in world war 2?

Imperialism (the desire to build a large empire)

What year did the British empire brag the sun never set on the British empire?

it was said by Germany and France because of the were jealous of the Britain empire because the had large empire.

What is the policy of creating large empires?

the British centennial empire

How did the Aztec build their large empire?

By collecting tribute and through warfare

How did the Aztecs build such a large empire?

They collected tribute and through warfare.

Who did the british have help them since they could not raise a large enough army?

The countries of the British Empire.

How did the British build up to the British empire?

Their impressive and large navy, and the use of advance technology and weapons over the regions they colonized. Once under the grisp of crown rule, the British would take absolute measure to ensure they could keep their colonies in order.

What was the important reason for alexanders ability to build such a large empire?

Alexander the great was able to build such a large and expansive empire because of his warfare strategy. Alexander the Great was able to defeat any enemy that crossed his path, which allowed him to conquer all of the countries he entered and add them to his empire.