Why did the british empire grow?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The British Empire began as an attempt by the British Army to protect its colonies and trading centers and because the conquered peoples preferred British law to that of their former rulers. It captured New York from the Dutch. The Dutch in New York preferred living under English law and fought against any plans to return New York to the Netherlands. In the French and Indian War, England conquered Canada. French Canadians preferred English law over French Law and became loyal citizens. The situation changed in India. There, the British army fought on the side of a winning king. When the king died, the British Army remained. The people preferred British stable government over the constant warfare they had been experiencing. In some places like Jamaica and the Caribbean islands, the British simply moved in and the Spanish left deciding the places were not worth fighting over. If a place did not have mines or military value, the Spanish saw little value in keeping it. In Africa, the British would help one tribe fight another and then rule both. The British Empire began gradually. It gradually expanded. Then it collapsed.

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English traders frequently engaged in hostilities with the Portugese and Dutch. With the defeat of the Dutch in 1612 it was considered necessary to gain a foothold in India. A diplomatic mission was launched in 1615 to arrange commercial treaties with the Moghul Empire. The mission was successful and Trading Posts were created in Surat, 1612, Madras 1639 and by 1647 had 23 factories in India

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The British Empire grew firstly because of Trade:

  • To sell luxury goods that had been brought cheaply in the Empire for more money in Britain.
  • To get raw materials to make goods e.g. cotton for cloth
  • To sell goods to the colonies
It also grew because of Religion: Another reason why it grew was because of Power:
  • Having a large Empire made Britain powerful
Lastly Wealth:
  • Having a large Empire made Britain very Wealthy.
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Q: Why did the british empire grow?
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What did cecil Rhodes contribute to the british empire?

he transported tea and beans to other country's so that there trading business can grow and expand the British Empire.

Why did London grow so much in the nineteenth century?

It was one of the busiest ports in the world and the capital city of the British Empire.

What is Britain empire called?

It was known as the British Empire. When the empire started to fall apart, the British Commonwealth/Commonwealth of Nations was created.

Who is queen of the British Empire?

The British Empire does not exist anymore.

Where did the british empire control an entire continent?

north America The British Empire controlled an entire continent in Australia. The British Empire was the largest empire in history.

How was the British empire defeated by India?

They weren't, the British empire attacked India and the British won.

How did the British empire lose land?

Why did The British Empire lose their land?

Were the moors bigger than the british empire?

1) The British Empire was the biggest empire in history. 2) The Moors did not have an empire.

What was the largest empire in Europe during the 1900s?

The British Empire, it was the largest that has ever existed.

What modern empire ruled Central Asia for most of the 20th century?

The British Empire

Is british empire great or roman empire?

The British Empire was way larger and was way closer to today than the Roman Empire.

What was the British empire about?

The British empire is the parts of the world that queen Victoria concurred